ABC Angered the Bear!

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Yosemitebear62: also known as “The Double Rainbow Guy” received a letter from ABC Morning News. Rachael Berman which on her Linkedin profile shows she’s a Production Coordinator. sent this letter to Yosemite Bear.



I am contacting you on behalf ABC News. We are interested in the video you posted on YouTube named DOUBLE RAINBOW . We’d like to share the video with our viewers.

We would like to request permission (for free) to show this video on Good Morning America and across our ABC News shows and platforms seen worldwide in all media, in perpetuity.

Please let us know if you shot the video and/or are authorized to distribute the footage and if we may have permission to air this in our programming. Additionally, please confirm that the video was recorded as it actually happened, and was not staged or altered. Also, please let us know what screen credit requirements, if any, should accompany the footage.

You can reach me and my colleagues by sending a YouTube message or you can e-mail me directly at

Thanks in advance,

rachael berman
Good Morning America


Bear responses back:

Yes I shot the video in my front yard. The title is Yosemitebear Mountain Double Rainbow 1-8-10.
It was not staged, It is one shot, one camera, one person, a reaction to a rainbow that came right after I sent an email saying how I felt like I was Noah.
It’s the first time somebody understood they were in the presence of God, recorded it and posted it on the Internet.
I vlog about what the video is and what it means in this series of videos called, What it Means.…
You can not have it for free. You make a living, get paid a salary, why would you even ask me to give it away to a rich network, that is insulting!!!
$100,000. USD, to use on your network in perpetuity.”


the video explains it all.


source: Youtube by Bear

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