The force fucked you

Nerds are upset because they been waiting forever to see the Star Wars the last Jedi within 20 minutes of the film the audio wasn’t syncing with the characters and all you can hear was music and see the picture and nerds got into altercations I’m laughing so goddamn hard

Harvey Weinstein is a sick fuck

Over the past week, Tinseltown has been roiled by an array of reactions to the Harvey Weinstein affair – everything from finger-pointing, scapegoating, excuse-making and occasional serious introspection. But one elephant in the room bears mentioning, before Mel Gibson and his ilk get too excited. Harvey Weinstein’s mug is literally the poster face of every


It’s the end of an online era … AOL is officially ending AIM. “We’ve made the decision that we will be discontinuing AIM effective December 15, 2017,” a rep for the company confirmed. So, say goodbye to your buddy list … kiss that yellow running man goodbye. So, why is AIM being laid to rest?

Candid shutting down!

Candid is shutting down. users will see a notification! I am glad. it’s nothing but, illegal content,people sending dick pics! Depressing posts,sucidal posts all the time, TOO MANY PEDOPHILES POSTING PICTURES OF TEENS. MAKING SEXUAL REMARKS! IT’S DISGUSTING! fuck Candid! Here is the notice if you thought all the posts where bullshit. Also, this is