Netflix price hike!

Netflix posted this statement on their Facebook Page status: “We are separating our unlimited streaming plan from our DVD plan offerings. The streaming-only plan will remain at $7.99, while we now offer DVD-only plans starting at $7.99. Additional details regarding changes to our plans can be found on our blog:”   so, what do you

The good, the bad and the creepy?

My prediction for how Google Plus will fare: It will be a huge success, and Facebook is in trouble — although by no means obsolete. Here’s why: One important litmus test for whether a new social network will become popular or not is cachet. Facebook started on elite college campuses, but Google Plus has the good fortune of being adopted early on by high social value individuals

if only I can film my ex GF’S bedroom….

With Ovi Maps you can use your phone. to basically. film where you are and gives you the information right there! called Live View. so, if I could live view. where my EX was with another guy. that would make it. just more awesome!   [youtube id=”SGlLFTERaPo” width=”600″ height=”350″]