Kylo Cho is an annoying troll!

If you don’t know who Kylo Cho is. is an asian with an annoying fixation. posting meme’s and pictures on Facebook with words such as. “if you hate racism like this photo. if you have cancer like this photo and subscribe me” which is a low blow. watch the video is have a better understanding.

Picnik Is Shutting Down!

The popular photo editing website “PICNIK” is shutting it’s doors on April 19th. as a statement on their site says “moving to Google+” so, what happens for the people that paid? well they get a come back. before Picnik losses their lunch. you get there’s first. the premium editing tools are up for grabs! so take

We’re Going On Strike!

Huffington Post reports that the White House does not support SOPA and PIPA. we don’t either as an effort. January 18th is when we go offline to protest the bill. join us speak up and be heard!     Google,Youtube,Twitpic,Mozilla and others are already joining the fight! and so are we!