Dead beat parenting starts on the Internet

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Okay so I came across of a 9 year old posting videos of stuff about the ios7. Since when does a 9 year old need a cell phone and a vine? Are parents getting dumber or just lazy? I mean so many ignorant,racist people play call of duty I have heard the “N word” more times on Call Of Duty. Then any other game, that’s a fact. I have came across illegal activity on Vine and Twitter with certain pictures and videos. I didn’t want myself to get in trouble by looking at it. So I flagged it like all the other people who saw it. But, why is parents becoming neglecting? A child should not have access to instagram,Facebook,Instagram,violent video games etc… Kids don’t even look into there parents eyes and pay attn like a normal person. They check there phonesl what’s worse is trolling on the Internet. I remember the video about the “Obama Phone” (which Reagan started the program for free phones to people with low income) and this person made 19 accounts and harnesses people. Makes fun of people who believe a certain politic or being black or Latino. The person is insane! When did we become such a nihilistic world? Not caring for others? It’s just strange.

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