If you like the L word you should be embarrassed. If you’re a lesbian.

I like this
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I can’t fucking imagine. All lesbians are this skanky and slutty. I can’t imagine all lesbians Fuck each other’s friends and don’t believe in monogamy. I mean… come on this show is so over the top. No one fucks this much and all over the place with all there friends and this slutty. DO THEY ALL HAVE AIDS? if you want to get a disease this is exactly what the show promotes. It’s a very degusting show. I have no problem with leabains gays trans people I have a problem with deceitful lying cheating slutty cunt’s people don’t practice monogamy and everyone seems sociopathic everyone seems like they have huge mental illness issues in this goddamn show. It’s a very do grading show and it just shows that none of them have commitment none of them believe in monogamy and no one cares about hurting the other person they’re all selfish self-centered psychotic lesbians and they’re all fucking disgusting human beings. I’m surprised they don’t get tested. I wonder how many have HPV the amount of crazy lip locking crazy sex. It’s insane how much she’s is in this show. And how many lives they destroy of married couples and relationships there’s no trust it’s all by emotions just because you feel like doing something you don’t act on them people who act on emotion without thinking are psychopaths. Fuck this show and fuck anyone who thinks this miserable piece of shit show should come back. 

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