Interview with WTF FLORIDA Q&A

I like this
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Yep, I’m a Floridian living in Florida but not a Native.

Lol… I’ve been having connection problems my bad so did you live in


Yes, you can post our convo.

Also, your reply came back like 20 times in different emails. Not sure what happened there.

Got the idea for the site simply because Florida’s such a fucked up place and I fucking hate it sometimes. It’s my therapy to catalog all the fucked up things that happen here, though an impossible chore to keep up with.

Hello! Thanks for getting back to me. Absolutely you can remain anonymous.

Also, I have permission to post our conversation interview on my blog? So,

what gave you the idea for this website?



Cool podcast. Yeah, Florida’s a really fucked up state. I love it as much as I hate it.

We could do a Q/A via email. I like to remain Anonymous so our site can take on the personality of the entire peninsula and represent something much larger than just some random weirdos that run a site. That and people try to sue us all the time. Fuck them. This is the internet revolution. We let all our readers post Anonymous comments as well, and our Terms of Use are written in such a way that almost guarantees impunity. We’re like 4chan meets The Onion, but only all the news is real (and we cite our sources).

It’s all for fun though, this site.

Posted a link to your podcast on our Facebook page. Thanks for covering the site. That feels good. runs on sheer insanity, and I honestly don’t make any money from it yet. It’s finally paying for itself though, with about 50,000 to 150,000 views every month. Getting up there. Working on some updates in the future to allow user logins and some fancy shit like adding flags to your name and what not.

Also considering making either a 4chan style image board, or a social media platform using some open source applications. That shit costs a lot though, time and money. It’ll happen one day though.

Good luck with your blogging and podcasting endeavors.

Keep in touch and feel free to send over questions or ideas.


WTF Florida

I like the site. I am a podcaster on youtube



I discovered your site from looking for domains I thought of buying wtf  unfortunately you have it and it led me to your website. I’ll think of another name. I was wondering if I could do a podcast with you? Or just a written email back and forth Q and A’s?


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