Kevin Pereira Says “The Exit”

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Kevin Pereira one of G4TV’S iconic stance as an awesome dude. of doing show’s like Arena and AOTS. (Attack Of The Show) is taking his own way! picture of his Twitter page.

On Kevin’s blog. he writes. “I have been with G4 for the past ten years, and have clawed my way up the corporate ladder from production assistant to executive-producer and host. It has been a wild, unpredictable, incredible journey filled with occasional struggles and countless once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I’m not ready to summarize my time at the network just yet, that would only amplify the scattered emotions currently bouncing around in my gut and make everything seem too real. In due time (May 31st to be precise), I’ll face that reality.”

so what’s next with AOTS? will it be the same? is G4 doomed? let us know.


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