Overstock.com sucks!

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Overstock is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Here is what happened:

These rat bastards. Sent me a boxspring. That took over a month to get here. So, these fuckers. Gave me a box spring with particleboard and cardboard on the top for support? Seriously? And then in 4 days. It broke. I then went and asked for a turn WEEKS LATER. countless calls. Emails and TEXTS. These sons of bitches took the box spring. CEVA the carrier is awful. So, I waited over an hour for them to get here. 9-1 they said. It was 2:30. Seriously, fuck overstock. They never sent another box. So, I tapped the receipt on the box spring. And then they took it. After all these. They better give me my money back what a fucking rip off for $300 plus dollars for this piece of shit. Fuck overstock. Fuck this company and fuck their customer service.

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