SexySueNami is a bitch!

Seriously, don't add her on Snapchat she's so rude. I am a very specific person and she doesn't like my lists. I wanted too see all kinds of things. And she blocked me. She has a sexy body and everything. So, I sent her a penny. Don't believe me? I asked to bang she didn't

The L Word is the most far-fetched bullshit I have ever seen!

Like everyone sleeps with there friends!  Shane sleeps with a bunch of different girls then she finally gets in a committed relationship cheats on a girl with another girl then her girlfriend does revenge sex and now they’re getting married.  Tina was married to bed and then they have a baby together and they are

The L Word “the Loss” “The Lust” “The Lesbian Sluts”

This show is nothing but sluts. All of them are sluts. They say “I love you” shows how evil they are. There are manipulative they are horrible human beings they call themselves lesbians and they’re the most evil people on the face the planet are all lesbians this disgusting or is it just the show.

The L word portrays lesbians as sluts

This show is terrible yet this couple who wanted to have a baby and failed and they had the best relationship and then the slut like cheating on her wife of like 15 years in the making out this other girl and then Shane sleeps around with all these different girls and then you and

Candid shutting down!

Candid is shutting down. users will see a notification! I am glad. it’s nothing but, illegal content,people sending dick pics! Depressing posts,sucidal posts all the time, TOO MANY PEDOPHILES POSTING PICTURES OF TEENS. MAKING SEXUAL REMARKS! IT’S DISGUSTING! fuck Candid! Here is the notice if you thought all the posts where bullshit. Also, this is