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Why Amazon Is Good For Small Businesses

…from tv’s. to gaming to home and garden! third partys sell as well. Amazon has an app called “Price Check” it scans an item and finds the cheapest price. the thing is. I think the app hurts big corps than mom and pop places. think about it. if I go to Target and an HDMI is 30 bucks. I can get one on Amazon for 5 bucks. the other thing is. small places I go to. don’t have them anywhere online and if they do. is only on ther…

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June 29th 2018 the final date of Toy’s R US

…classic example of a category killer, a business that specializes so thoroughly and efficiently in one sector that it pushes out competition from both smaller specialty stores and larger general retailers.[32] Since the rise of mass merchants like Walmart, Target and Amazon, however, Toys “R” Us lost much of its share of the toy market, and fell behind Walmart in toy sales for 1998.[33]     this is from wikipedia!   her…

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