Beacon is not ready…

This app. Is a good idea. Post something “hey Seattle! I’m in town let’s hangout” so your friend Jeff writes “Bill! It would be great too see you!” Yeah! If it actually worked! It stays on “login to Twitter” so, I’m pissed off it doesn’t work. 

Teadate Review

Teadate is the worlds first Transgender dating app. For not only dating TRANS women and men. But, also cisgender men and women. It works the same way as Tinder. You can use Facebook to make an account or email for a small fee a month. It was created by TRANS people in Silicon Valley and

Rhonna design,create app

I came across this app Rhonna free app of the week in the App Store. So I thought. Ill give it a try and I love it. You can even send this to Facebook,twitter and instagram. The app lets you create memes,inspirational pictures to anything you can come up with. Here’s one I did of

Scouter app brings your iphone to life!

ever wanted to have 2 screens? one for video the other for skype chat? one for stocks the other for weather? or how about a message you got from a friend and need directions to that new coffee joint? with Scouter you can simultaneously,effortlessly use two screens on one iphone. here’s a video about it.

Vine has improved “the break down”

Vine now allows privacy go to your settings and category’s that make it easier than before to find stuff in music or whatever else. Revine you can revine someone’s post on your vine and no more of people giving you crap on your comments they have to ask to follow you giving you more control

Malibu Beaches App

Starting June 2nd a new app is Developing to find beaches in Malibu. The rich in Malibu do ways to keep the public out and yet the beaches are open to the public they’re beautiful beaches in Malibu they’re hard to find so, an app is coming to find all the beautiful beaches in Malibu

Vine is open to bullying

Hello everyone I uncovered these bullies on vine and their writing god-awful things to me it’s amazing how you post content to get more viewers on the website and more traffic and you have these jerk offs writing these god-awful things remember I did absolutely nothing to these people in the way less content than