Barry Takes Time To Get The Humor!

Barry is a dark comedy on HBO stars Bill Hader. a hitman who gets in touch with his feelings and gets this drive for acting. this is a performance like non other for Bill. the show is slow and gets time to understand the humor of it. later down the road. like the 5th episode

why I hate Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is a poor excuse for a video game. why didn’t they work on the mechanics before releasing this game? one of the biggest letdown was the driving. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! the driving is awful. I can never be able to swerve to miss cars. at least in GTA they did a fantastic job on

Review: Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is an adventure sci fi first person shooter. you start of on a ship and you play a marine. however Aliens are taking over. so, then you find yourself it a pretty sweet suit and have to take them out. the controls are pretty good. when it comes to aiming. the sfx are