ABC Angered the Bear!

Yosemitebear62: also known as “The Double Rainbow Guy” received a letter from ABC Morning News. Rachael Berman which on her Linkedin profile shows she’s aĀ Production Coordinator. sent this letter to Yosemite Bear.   GOOD MORNING AMERICA REQUEST- TIME SENSITIVE Hello, I am contacting you on behalf ABC News. We are interested in the video you

Not Digging It!

We’re not digging the new Youtube layout. however, when you try to upload a video on Youtube. this show’s up. “Hey, look, we have a new design! Having problems or not feeling ready for it just yet? Go back to theĀ old designĀ orĀ report an issue.” so, glad we can go back. what are your thoughts about

Can you play blind?

This guy can (he can see. just closing his eyes) he is playing Mario Bros. with his eyes closed and you can tell. this is not fake! just as a side note. I walk to the market with my eyes closed and usually run into things.