It’s fun to piss off fan nerds!

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so, I made a video why I think Minecraft is one of those stupid fan games. you know like Justin Bieber? no skill no talent. just pointless nonsense? that’s what I think of this game but, in a block world.

it’s funny tho. it’s like I am a communist. I don’t care if others like it. I just do not understand why anyone would. I mean I think Star Wars is a great trilogy. but, the best ever? oh c’mon. time to play Tomb Raider.


I really do get a sick pleasure having people resent me. it’s hilarious! pissing off these stupid nerds. lol all I said was “Minecraft sucks” it’s not like I said “Minecrat & Ikea the only 2 things people know about in Sweden. other then that no one gives a shit” or yelling “N$%#@” on the 405 freeway on rush hour! I mean seriously! chill the fuck out people and stop caring so much of what others say. be happy! 😀

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It's fun to piss off fan nerds! , 3.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


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