Why Are The Gallagher’s Such Fucked Up People?

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After watching six seasons writing has gotten lazy. why is Fiona such a hypocritical cunt? she gets into a criminal like Jimmy. meets an awesome kind guy like Gus sleeps with Jimmy then goes back to Gus. leaves him and goes with the owner Steve of a diner. what the fuck is wrong with Fiona? she’s such a fucking mess. Lip is a fucking dick head who has a 4.2 GPA yet. he can’t figure out which cunt to make his dick home. Carl is a stupid wigger. Debbie rapes a guy and has a baby. being fucking stupid and having a baby. ABORT ABORT ABORT! STUPID BITCH! jesus! Frank is a fucking piece of shit asshole who only cares about himself. V and Kev are another dumb people. it’s like this entire show are fucking idiots in Chicago. Ian is a bipolar homosexual and banging countless guys without a rubber. way to get aids dumb fuck!  haha! Chicago bans guns. no morals just of dumb shits who can’t figure shit out and it’s always blacks and whites fighting. yeah! what a great city. so, let’s take a British show like Shameless to the US. just like the US we have to take everyones shit and make it here. just like the Natives. WAY TO GO AMERICA! LAND OF DUMBASSES!

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