Harvey Weinstein is a sick fuck

Over the past week, Tinseltown has been roiled by an array of reactions to the Harvey Weinstein affair – everything from finger-pointing, scapegoating, excuse-making and occasional serious introspection. But one elephant in the room bears mentioning, before Mel Gibson and his ilk get too excited. Harvey Weinstein’s mug is literally the poster face of every

The Accountant is very offensive!

The accountant is very offensive to people with autism making them look like they don’t have feelings or a soul Christian wolf play is an accountant that’s also a hit man who has aspergers. Very intelligent with no feelings. No empathy for life. His father a man of child abuse raises his child as a

TOP 10!

Brought to you by “Box Office Mojo”   Rank* Title Monday 7/11 Tuesday 7/12 Wednesday 7/13 Thursday 7/14 1 TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON Paramount (DreamWorks) 4,088 $5,865,438 -57.9% / $1,435 $266,944,138 / 13 $6,065,103 +3.4% / $1,484 $273,009,241 / 14 $4,624,283 -23.8% / $1,131 $277,633,524 / 15 N/A 2 HORRIBLE BOSSES Warner Bros. (New Line) 3,040 $3,764,211