Corporate shutdown trend

I don’t mindĀ corporations. as long as they give people an honest salary,customerĀ serviceĀ is top notch and help the community. but a trend that I am seeing far to often with corporations. for an example Stickam a multi live streaming site designed to hold conversations. from all over the world. Ā now it’s shut down.   G4TV which

Picnik Is Shutting Down!

The popular photo editing website “PICNIK” is shutting it’s doors on April 19th. as a statement on their site says “moving to Google+” so, what happens for the people that paid? well they get a come back. before Picnik losses their lunch. you get there’s first. theĀ premium editing tools are up for grabs! so take

Not Digging It!

We’re not digging the new Youtube layout. however, when you try to upload a video on Youtube. this show’s up. “Hey, look, we have a new design! Having problems or not feeling ready for it just yet? Go back to theĀ old designĀ orĀ report an issue.” so, glad we can go back. what are your thoughts about


Android releases “Ice Cream Sandwhich” with a faster 4.0 platform. sure to indulge the dessert. but, it’s about to give you aĀ symphony of flavors. when you get these melting. quicker then ever before. multitasking to the max. Google+ Hangouts,real time video editing.Ā panorama photography. here’s a video brought to by Android.  

The good, the bad and the creepy?

My prediction for howĀ GoogleĀ Plus will fare:Ā It will be a huge success, andĀ FacebookĀ is in trouble — although by no means obsolete. Here’s why:Ā One important litmus test for whether a new socialĀ networkĀ will become popular or not is cachet.Ā FacebookĀ started on elite college campuses, butĀ GoogleĀ Plus has the good fortune of being adopted early on by high social value individuals