Vine outage

If you are having a hard time getting on vine you’re not alone. Vine is down. And people are going insane.

Vine has improved “the break down”

Vine now allows privacy go to your settings and category’s that make it easier than before to find stuff in music or whatever else. Revine you can revine someone’s post on your vine and no more of people giving you crap on your comments they have to ask to follow you giving you more control

Spam on Vine is getting worse

Spamming on the popular app Vine is getting really annoying now you click the popular tab and the first thing that comes up is this image you see right below and they’re getting more clever using different symbols in urls to spam your Vine profile and making messages like “nice video see vine luv to

Vine is now on Android

Now all you Android lovers can now chill out and download Vine for your Android phone! it’s funny it reminds me of the Xbox and PS3. maps come out first for the Xbox 3 months later for the PS3.    

Spam is on the Rise on Vine

So after some investigating I have found out who is hosting this spammer site. it’s by Hezner a German Hosting website and the domain was bought on Godaddy. I have emailed them about it as there is nothing they can do. So, after some time I found a website called Who Is Hosting This?which

Vine spam hits hard

Hi everyone so on the app Vine I keep seeing on the popular and editors pick. people saying to go on this website to get followers. but you have to go to this website called and you can tell it’s totally spam for trying to steal your account and promote some bogus website it’s

Vine is annoying

If you thought twitter spammers are bad. Try Vine always you get people saying “follow for follow” trying to rip off people’s success. You think they would try to make something creative enough to get followers. But, no they have to spam and it gets annoying I just want to see what’s new so I