Barry Takes Time To Get The Humor!

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Barry is a dark comedy on HBO stars Bill Hader. a hitman who gets in touch with his feelings and gets this drive for acting. this is a performance like non other for Bill. the show is slow and gets time to understand the humor of it. later down the road. like the 5th episode it picks up for me and I am hoping the second season gets better. won’t ruin the ending. but, that shocked me. when Bill goes to the acting class. he has a one line in the show. the acting is unbelievable serial. he has this ability to go from a psycho hit man to having empathy and remorse. on a dime. I was surprised of how good his acting really is. luckily the show isn’t as violent as I first thought. because, if it was like Dexter. I would not watch it. too many disturbing scenes. this show Barry has so many twists and turns. you have to really pay attention. willing to watch it more.

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