The L word portrays lesbians as sluts

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This show is terrible yet this couple who wanted to have a baby and failed and they had the best relationship and then the slut like cheating on her wife of like 15 years in the making out this other girl and then Shane sleeps around with all these different girls and then you and Alice who can’t make up her fucking mind this whole show the trays lesbians as all a bunch of sluts I think it’s very insulting to lesbians. You also have a girl named Jenny who is a complete slut she goes and bangs this girl and then goes up to the guy and back-and-forth and she consul we can’t make up her mind she such a narcissist she psychotic I mean is monogamy dead? Are women such lying cheating cunts? Like wtf? 
Jenny is such a psychotic bitch. She got married and then cheats on a girl crys like a little bitch. Then goes with this girl and then she fucks her then meets this new guy and same thing crys again and the girl she was  with had sex with her then sex with the guy and cries. She’s such a psychotic narcissistic self absorbed bitch!!! Such a heartless selfish cunt! 

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