Trolling Pays

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Can you really make money on trolling? the real answer is. you can make money off of hate! yes you can! how is it possible?


take Justin Bieber for an example. his song “Baby” on Youtube has over 800 million views. has over 3 million thumbs down and under 2 million thumbs up. now you are thinking “it’s the most hated video on Youtube how can that be good?” well.. let me tell you their anger is paying his Youtube video. when people watch his video it’s a hit. he get’s a view on Youtube. the ads that generate on his video every time a person watches it. he makes money off it. so you see he get’s the last laugh!


take my “10 reasons why Minecrat Sucks” video it’s getting 100’s of hits and pissing off enough stupid nerds to click “thumbs down” and or “comment” my channel. I get paid for it. they have the option. of not clicking on it and tell themselves. “I don’t agree with him. but, he is not my time.” and walk away. but, no! these idiots. will comment and tell you off and you make the money. lol it’s hilarious. at the end of the day. you walk home with cash in your pocket and a smile on your face and the haters walk away with nothing but, a bitter stupid soul.


so remember. if you are going to troll and have fun with it. make money off of it. that way it’s more like a fun job then a hobby. 😀


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