Amazon Fire should be Amazon Burnt Out

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Amazon Fire is overhyped. it’s also overpriced. I however, got a 30 day free trial with free shipping. so, I didn’t have to spend one penny. the Amazon Fire is slow. it tells you all the specs like “hey! we have a better processor speed than the other guys” which I did not by. also, the voice search could be better. I searched for “Mariska Hargitay” it took 2 tries for it to get it right. the box itself is simple. yet boring. not enough free stuff and  speeds are slow when trying to play a game or start a movie. what they need to embrace is demos and 30 second clips. if they did that people would be more prone to buy tv shows,movies etc… Amazon prime is over $100 a year. it’s pricey for what you get and I feel the TV and Movie industry is dead. I mean if you were a serious fan of tv shows and movies. you’d end up spending $500 to $1,000 a year on content. you’d need Hulu,Amazon Prime,Netflix,HBO,Showtime,Directv or whatever else. if there was a way to watch everything on one goddamn device. that would be swell. anyway.. this box is not for me. I don’t recommend it. I would wait till something better comes along. thanks for reading my rant about the Amazon Fire.


apparently, this dude hated my review.

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