Facebook Sucks

I got blocked for 30 days. because, I said: “well… you do look like a tranny” because the women was being a little bitch and I called her out and someone reported it. wish I knew it was. this is why I hate Facebook. I was called a f****t on Facebook. they did nothing. I really am tired of this

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Amazon’s Dash Button

Amazon. has created the Dash Button. just one push of a button. you can get your household products delivered in just a push of a button.     it uses your smartphone. so if any mishaps of people pressing the button you can cancel the order.   I’ve requested an invitation. so, I can try out this product and make

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Skate 3 Sucks!


let’s go through the bases of why. I HATE SKATE 3. I’ll play Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland any day. the physics of this game is awful. I can never grind a trick and if I do. I fall. or I bail. trying to do a manual is impossible. the controls are the worst of it’s kind. EA are such greedy

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Top 5 Worst Tv Shows

1. Broad City: I seriously don’t understand how these girls have a show? it’s so bad. I have no idea where the funny parts are. the girls I find very sexy. I mean. that one girls curly hair turns me on. the other one looks like someone I know. (can’t mention the name sorry) turns me on. of that sexy

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