Top 8 Worst File Cloud Sharing Services.

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1. Turbobit: Turbobit is a terrible sharing service. nothing of “turbo” speed. in fact. it’s slow on free users and most files are deleted before you have a chance to download them.


2. Keep2Share: God awful! they run on the Cloudflare network. (which has been compromised in the past) I constantly get a “401 error code” and when you download the file. half way it stops working. they never fix the issues within their network.


3. Rapidgator: gators walk like 4mph. so how can a company be a “rapidgator”? anyway, pure crap! files exceed over 500mbs you can’t download. if that’s not the worst part it takes several tries just to download a file. after an hour it stops working.


4. Rapidshare: years ago. I liked Rapidshare. then the website changed. then the service sucked. now? it’s terrible. most files are deleted. in the beginning. you could download multiple files simultaneously. it didn’t matter how big the file was. it was fantastic. now? horrible.


5. 4Shared: 4Shared is another website I despise. if you want to download files for free. you have to create an account. (I use my Twitter for it) but, still. an account for free stuff? come on. the good part is tons of MP3s.


6. Filemonster: Filemonster is the website that will piss you the fuck off. a small file. say… 120MBS or even 50MBS you have to download several sections of the file and it’s a weird format. like .dgz or something like that. what extraction program uses a weird ass file name like that? can’t use .RAR? free programs of that and easier to use.


7. Uploaded: Uploaded is God awful. I actually paid for the 3 days. bad idea! I downloaded files and they crash midway. you have to redownload over numerous times just to get the file working. it sucks. nice of them to give me 24hrs to try again for free. but, it’s expensive. I don’t recommend that website to anyone.


8. Let It Bit: this russian website sucks. no files have ever worked for me.

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