Candid shutting down!

Candid is shutting down. users will see a notification! I am glad. it’s nothing but, illegal content,people sending dick pics! Depressing posts,sucidal posts all the time, TOO MANY PEDOPHILES POSTING PICTURES OF TEENS. MAKING SEXUAL REMARKS! IT’S DISGUSTING! fuck Candid! Here is the notice if you thought all the posts where bullshit. Also, this is

Apple is standing up for our right to privacy!

so, basically Trump the notaries asshole piece of shit. racist douchebag moron. wants Apple to make a backdoor so the Federal Bastards of Indecency (FBI) violate our rights again. “Make America Great Again” more like “Make This Country Communist” fuck Trump and fuck the FBI. they want to make it so, every phone could be

Amazon’s Dash Button

Amazon. has created the Dash Button. just one push of a button. you can get your household products delivered in just a push of a button.   it uses your smartphone. so if any mishaps of people pressing the button you can cancel the order.   I’ve requested an invitation. so, I can