why I hate Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is a poor excuse for a video game. why didn’t they work on the mechanics before releasing this game? one of the biggest letdown was the driving. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! the driving is awful. I can never be able to swerve to miss cars. at least in GTA they did a fantastic job on

Review: Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is an adventure sci fi first person shooter. you start of on a ship and you play a marine. however Aliens are taking over. so, then you find yourself it a pretty sweet suit and have to take them out. the controls are pretty good. when it comes to aiming. the sfx are

Medal Of Honor Review

This game is trash. the multiplayer is very choppy in a sense as graphics not in proper detail and the coding is horrible. the running. doesn’t feel as I am running but waving my arms like I have a problem. but, I do. a BIG ONE! another thing is 3 classes to choose from you

Mafia 2 Review

The game begins with Vito Scaletta looking over a photo album, as he begins to tell his story in voice over. He is born in Sicily in 1925 to an extremely poor family. A few years later, his family immigrates to the fictional Empire Bay in America. They are no better off there than they