Apple is standing up for our right to privacy!

so, basically Trump the notaries asshole piece of shit. racist douchebag moron. wants Apple to make a backdoor so the Federal Bastards of Indecency (FBI) violate our rights again. “Make America Great Again” more like “Make This Country Communist” fuck Trump and fuck the FBI. they want to make it so, every phone could be

F Is For Family

is about a 70’s white family. created by Bill Burr. I love Bill. but, the comedy is off for me. it’s not memorable. like The Simpsons.

Metal Gear The Phantom Pain.

it’s okay. I like the game. I just don’t like the lack of cut scenes. I don’t like how you don’t find guns anymore. you just find tapes and plants. you don’t do the non lethal boss rounds to get camo unlocks anymore. no real hidden gems in the game. online is kind of a

Talk Space is awful

So I wanted to try out this therapy and it didn’t work I found an unprofessional and the app isn’t that great there’s nothing better than sitting down and talking to an actual person in their face this feels like you’re not really talking to a real person.

Why I hate Dating Websites (NSFW)

Dating apps are the worst. I’ve tried Tinder,Plenty Of Fish,Zoosk,TS Dating,Adult Friend Finder,Craig’s List. THEY ALL FUCKING SUCK! I don’t know how people are successful on these websites. I can never find anyone. I joined Tinder a week ago and not one person liked me back. I should sue all these dating apps for stress