The Accountant is very offensive!

The accountant is very offensive to people with autism making them look like they don’t have feelings or a soul Christian wolf play is an accountant that’s also a hit man who has aspergers. Very intelligent with no feelings. No empathy for life. His father a man of child abuse raises his child as a

Francesca: She’s a complete bitch

I have no idea what her fucking problem is. She’s always mean too me always negative. This why she is single she’s always rude. You don’t have work because you’re a fucking bitch has nothing to do with her being trans. if you hate California so much and complain about San Diego go back to

Sausage Party is no party!

Sausage Party was one of the dumbest stoned movies. I’ve ever seen. how fucking high was Seth? my God! seriously this movie is so fucking stupid! an orgy? a rampage? seriously? why didn’t they go after all humans not just a couple? “Dixter” because, they can’t make a great Pixar movie. just a bunch of

Why NBC and Twitter sucks! (NSFW)

Twitter which owns Vine removed my video of the opening ceremony a 4 second Vine of me cheering. it said it violated NBC copyright policies. it’s fair use! ” fair use noun (in US copyright law) the doctrine that brief excerpts of copyright material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as

Tamed Beard Oil Review.

I love these beard oil’s from Tamed Beard Company! My favorites are Ceder Woodland Blend,Spiced Rum and Ocean Breeze. They feel great in my beard I’m growing it out and I love combing in my beard. When I started growing it it itch like crazy and this helps a lot. 

Why I don’t like Prince

Now before people start yelling at me saying I don’t know good music I’m not talking about his music I’m talking about his personality he’s a complete narcissist and a douche bag he shuts down fan websites with his name he took down a video of a baby dancing to one of his songs for

Teadate Review

Teadate is the worlds first Transgender dating app. For not only dating TRANS women and men. But, also cisgender men and women. It works the same way as Tinder. You can use Facebook to make an account or email for a small fee a month. It was created by TRANS people in Silicon Valley and