Skate 3 Sucks!

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let’s go through the bases of why. I HATE SKATE 3. I’ll play Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland any day. the physics of this game is awful. I can never grind a trick and if I do. I fall. or I bail. trying to do a manual is impossible. the controls are the worst of it’s kind. EA are such greedy m***f***ers aren’t they? take away 2-4 player offline. instead. it’s all online. also, when playing online. it freezes. all the time. the “greatest hits” is misleading and should be removed off PS3 games. if you want to upload to Youtube. EA forces users to buy a DLC pack. every little thing you have to pay. what greedy ki**s seriously. very annoying. trying to do flip tricks is a mess. you have to flip the control stick. what ever happened to just push a damn button? way to make it complicated. now I know why it’s called “black box” it wasn’t supposed to be found. lost like those damn Asian airplanes that get lost seems like every few months some ching chong ding dong. doesn’t know how to fly a damn plane. OPEN YOUR EYES! AND LEARN TO FLY!

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Skate 3 Sucks!, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


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