It’s fun to piss off fan nerds!

so, I made a video why I think Minecraft is one of those stupid fan games. you know like Justin Bieber? no skill no talent. just pointless nonsense? that’s what I think of this game but, in a block world. it’s funny tho. it’s like I am a communist. I don’t care if others like

Xbox Forums are a joke

so, I asked Microsoft for a refund of Minecraft and they removed me from the ambassador program. they said I “violated there terms of use and/or code of conduct” really? for something as simple as asking for a refund. f#$! Microsoft. it’s not like I called them a Kike. or Microjews.

Spam is on the Rise on Vine

So after some investigating I have found out who is hosting this spammer site. it’s by Hezner a German Hosting website and the domain was bought on Godaddy. I have emailed them about it as there is nothing they can do. So, after some time I found a website called Who Is Hosting This?which

Vine spam hits hard

Hi everyone so on the app Vine I keep seeing on the popular and editors pick. people saying to go on this website to get followers. but you have to go to this website called and you can tell it’s totally spam for trying to steal your account and promote some bogus website it’s

Vine is annoying

If you thought twitter spammers are bad. Try Vine always you get people saying “follow for follow” trying to rip off people’s success. You think they would try to make something creative enough to get followers. But, no they have to spam and it gets annoying I just want to see what’s new so I

Raptr has the worst community.

Raptr has the biggest assholes. I have seen. these three people are the worst. if you see them report them. also, they don’t have a feature to block people. wow 13 million and I’ve found 3 dickheads.     click here to see the thread.